Kostenloser Versand ab 120€ in D und AT/// Kostenloser Rückversand in D und A



International delivery:

Deliveries Abroad
The shipment is scheduled to arrive within 1-4 working days.
The delivery is sent with UPS or DHL.

 *Returns from abroad have to pay themselves

We dispatch to EU countries and Switzerland. Each individual delivery charge is indicated below:
Versand nach Begien Shipment to Belgium 10€
Versand nach DänemarkShipment to Denmark 10€
Versand nach EnglandShipment to England 10€
Versand nach FinnlandShipment to Finnland 15€
Versand nach ItalienShipment to Italy 10€
Versand nach LuxemburgShipment to Luxemburg 10€
Versand nach HollandShipment to Netherlands 10€
Versand nach NorwegenShipment to Norway 25€
Versand nach PolenShipment to Poland 10€
Versand nach SchwedenShipment to Sweden 10€
Versand in die SchweizShipment to Switzerland 10€
Versand nach TschechienShipment to Czech Republic 10€

Canada 50€
Japan 50€
Additional customs/fees:
Customers, based outside the EU (Norway,Switzerland) will receive an invoice without the German VAT. Please be aware that the national VAT and additional custom charges (if applicable) must be paid by the recipient. In order for us to deduct the VAT home and billing addresses have to be identical and located outside the EU.
More information regarding customs are indicated here:
* incl. VAT, plus shipping